Sunday, 12 February 2012

Congratulations! You're engaged - now STOP over-thinking your wedding

The post below is written by Rashana Anderson,  Founding and Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY.  The article captures many thoughts that I'd like to share with engaged couples.  The most important, from a vendor's perspective, is her last point.  With some advice and sincere best wishes to all the engaged couples out there, take a moment, breathe, and consider this article.
It's understandable you take your wedding seriously.  After all, it'll likely be the beginning of your forever.  But trust me, over-complicating leads to disaster!  You could very well end up with a hodgepodge of a wedding that looks and feels busy, or worse, cheesy.

Quite frankly, I fully support the old cliche "less is more" here.  Less doesn't have to mean skimpy, certainly doesn't need to mean cheap, and probably shouldn't mean disjointed...but an easeful, flowing wedding day that appears effortless is better for everyone.  You're likely to drive yourself and everyone around you crazy if you stress out about each and every minor detail.  So, remember....
  1. Check out the latest trends, but focus more on who you and your fiance are as individuals and/or who you are as a couple.  Let your wedding be a reflection of YOU, not of "Martha Stewart Weddings Volume 343, Edition 7,  Adaptation 4590."
  2. If you've always dreamed of a wedding including your favourite colour, light blue, go with that and allow for some variation.  It's great that you LOVE Pantone 18-4039 "Regatta", but unless your budget is ceiling-less, you won't be able to ensure all aspects of your wedding are exactly in sync.
  3. Trust and respect your vendors enough to produce their own work, not duplicate the work of others.  As long as you've done your research and feel confident who the support staff you've selected, let everyone do their job.
Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director,