Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn's amazing colours!

As the deep dish apple pie bakes I thought I'd take time to catch up with what we've been up to at Harmony this week.  We've been a part of many thanksgiving celebrations, a few 50th wedding anniversary parties, several birthdays, anniversaries, wedding vow renewal and one I'm sorry occasions.  Everyday brings new designs, inspirations and wonderful clients.  Thank you.

Red maple leaves....before they fall

Gold, orange and red....absolutely amazing

Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, mini carns, heather and wheat

Chrysanthemums, berries, safflowers

Thistle, berries, pods, statice and chrysanthemums

Antique hydrangea

Green and white - elegant

Roses, sunflowers, eucalyptus berries, leucodendron

Brie scouting for chipmunks by the river's edge

Canada Geese heading south

Green flowers

Hens 'n chicks
 Autumn brings in the most brilliant colours...and smells. Happy Thanksgiving.

Autumn leaves reflected in the Carp River

Mushrooms - for display only!

Autumn-kissed peony leaves

Red-brown cymbidium orchids

Silver foliage

Tree 'mushroom's - looking like little steps

Bouquet and boutonniere for renewing their vows

Whatcha looking at?