Wednesday, 16 January 2013

You're Engaged - congratulations

Congratulations if you got engaged over the holidays. 
I'll be meeting with engaged couples over the next few weeks.  I love hearing about their wedding day plans.   I always enjoy that initial discussion before the stress sets in (on them, not me).  

There's lots of information available to couples today.  Wedding shows abound and not just at the local convention halls but in cyberspace too.  So many sites, real and virtual to check out it can surely consume hundreds of hours to navigate.   

Pinterest is my current addiction. And yes, I too become overwhelmed by the volume of photos and ideas posted just on this one site.  Well, it's not really one site because once you start browsing (it should be called digging) it leads to more sites which lead to yet again more sites....and on and on.  Never know what I'll uncover and where I'll end up but it's always a journey if not educational.

Budget.  Not just money but time.  Engaged couples can over-think just as they can overspend.  But that's true for all of us who are in wedding planning. 

I don't need a 12-step program for my addiction yet, however I may by April ;-)

Best wishes and good luck.